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Career Coaching...Why?

A coach helps you “figure out what to do with your life.” Beginning with assessment, often a skipped step by job hunters. You can learn to build the foundation of strong career life goals aligned with your values and your vision of what you want from your life’s work.

As a career coach, I guide you through the entire job search process. I am aware of many of the common barriers that people face who are in transition or want to make a career change. The constantly changing marketplace can be a new window to open as other doors close.

My 20 years of working with clients at all professional levels have given me valuable hands on experience that has given new and valuable insights to many hundreds of individuals. Be providing clients with an objective view of themselves, they are able to go beyond the emotionally laden advice from friends and family members who have your best interests at heart, but who may not see all of the options there are for you.

Working with a career coach is like conferring with your accountant or attorney—you’re looking for expert advice in a key area of your life. Tap into this wisdom to get you on the right road and to guide you on your journey until you arrive at the right destination


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