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Toby Chabon-Berger has been a consultant in education, government, and private industry from more than thirty years. As a professional and organizational development specialist,, she has addressed audiences all over the state of Florida and is well known for her common sense, wit and, motivational advice. Her workshops and seminars have received outstanding evaluations from both participants and sponsoring organizations for best practices in the industry. A private client list includes hundreds of individuals, many of who are also well-known community leaders. Chabon-Bergerís company client list is impressive and contains national and international companies.

Currently using her skills and experience, Chabon-Berger is also focusing on mission driven not for profit consulting in areas of training, broad development, strategic planning, and developing educational programs.

She served as Director of Career Services and Entrepreneur Training for Continuing Education at Palm Beach County and has been in private practice in Palm Beach Country and Ohio since 1970. Her educational background includes two Masters degrees, dual certification as a counselor and career counselor and Charter Fellow designation in the International Association of Career Management and Outplacement Professionals, the first in the State of Florida to reach this competency.

Chabon-Berger founded the local chapter of the American Society of Training and Development, served as President, and was active in local and national activities. Currently, she serves as an active committee member of the Palm Beach County Human Resources Association and the National Society for Human Resources.

Chabon-Berger also created the original Career Strategies column for the Palm Beach Post and continues writing on a free lance occasional basis. Her columns were syndicated through the Cox Newspaper syndicate throughout the United States and have been picked up on the AP wires services. She has been featured on all of the local television and radio stations as an expert in her field and has appeared on national television including The Phil Donahue Show and Kiplingerís Video Magazine on a number of occasions.

A published author for the human resources publications of Bar Chartís University Guides, Chabon-Berger has written best selling career advice, management development skills, business research, and coaching and mentoring in the workplace.

Because of her commitment to the community, she has received many awards for her outstanding achievements as a leader in the field.

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